Wisconsin – Food & Drink

Wisconsin calls itself “America’s Dairyland,” and it takes the responsibility seriously. That, combined with its large German and Irish populations, gives the state a hearty meat-and-potatoes cuisine — perfect for those long, dark winter months.

There is another area where the state famously excels: beer. The birthplace of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Miller beer has enjoyed a flowering of smaller craft breweries in more recent years. Among these, New Glarus was our choice for the top brewery, and its limited distribution keeps it an explicitly local tradition.

Fish Boils are an integral part of Door County tradition and have been one of the area’s most alluring tourist attractions for more than 70 years. Restaurants offering fish boils are spread out from the northern tip of the peninsula all the way to Sturgeon Bay, making it easy for visitors to find a place to try it, no matter where they stay on the peninsula. Since Door County fish boils are so popular, many restaurants recommend calling ahead for reservations, especially for large groups.

Iconic Wisconsin Dishes:

  • Wisconsin Cheese
  • Booyah – Big pot. Fresh vegetables. Add lots of chicken, but beef and pork are allowed. The key is cooking time. The longer the simmer the better the taste. The best booyah takes a couple of days. Minimum.
  • Cheese Curd – There’s nothing like a squeaky-fresh Wisconsin cheese curd – another unique Wisconsin delicacy.