Minnesota Houseboating Adventure

The Great Lakes region is known for their great water resources from the five Great Lakes themselves (one fifth of the world’s fresh water) to the Mississippi River which begins in Minnesota to the thousands of inland lakes. So if you want to spend time relaxing and away from your chaotic lifestyle, this “water holiday” is the itinerary for you!

  • Minnesota
  • 9 days/8 night
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • 667 miles / 1067 km

Stages of the trip

  1. Arrive Minneapolis/St. Paul

    Spend the day in the Twin Cities. Be sure to visit the Mall of America.

    Suggested overnight at Minneapolis, Minnesota

  2. Minneapolis to Voyageur’s National Park

    Drive through the lakes and pines of Minnesota to Voyageur’s National Park located near International Falls.

    Suggested overnight at On your houseboat

  3. Voyageur’s National Park

    A coast guard certified and insured captain will spend part of the day with you. He will assist you with the operation of your houseboat, map reading, navigation on the lake, radio use, mooring procedures and discussion of fishing areas. Afterwards you will be on your own to captain your own houseboat.

    80 miles / 128 km
    Suggested overnight at On your houseboat

  4. Houseboating in Voyageur’s National Park

    Nearly 40% of the park is water and one of the best ways to experience its vastness and see its wildlife and scenery is by boat. Houseboating allows a wilderness camp experience with all of the comforts of home. The boat comes equipped with running water, bedrooms, toilet, shower, kitchen with stove, refrigerator, sun deck, and fishing boat. You are free to manoeuvre about the water, enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming or exploring the many islands that dot the 80 miles/128 km of water that mark the Canada/USA boundary. The scenery is natural and unspoiled – see through blue lakes, pine trees lining the water, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs. The park is also home to timber wolves, bears, moose, deer and eagles.

    289 miles / 462 km
    Suggested overnight at Northwoods resort in Minnesota

  5. Voyageur’s National Park to Minneapolis/St. Paul

    Return your boat and drive back to the Twin Cities for your flight home.

    298 miles / 477 km