Michigan – Food & Drink

As one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the nation, Michigan produces fresh, local food that has to be eaten to be believed. The only thing better than the meals are the memories you will make as you enjoy them with family and friends.

Detroit-style pizza and coney dogs. Mackinac Island fudge. Pasties. Tart cherries and crisp apples. Fresh caught whitefish. Artisan cheeses and maple syrup. The flavours you can experience in Michigan are as varied as the communities that serve them up. From 5-star dining to local haunts, the foodie scene in Michigan will not disappointment because Michigan is serving up produce delivered by local farmers and made into mouth-watering dishes by passionate chefs.

And no meal is complete without a Michigan wine or craft beer to pair it with. With more than 120 wineries, nearly 300 breweries and growing spirits industry, Michigan has your perfect pour. Restaurants across the state carry local varietals and brews, but unique flavours are waiting to be discovered at tasting and tap rooms as well.

Iconic Michigan Dishes:

  • Mackinac Island fudge – Dating back to 1887, Mackinac Island fudge remains a popular, beloved treat. It’s a confection that’s well over a century old, and those who’ve tried it absolutely rave about it
  • Traverse City Cherries – The National Cherry Festival is held in Traverse City each July.
  • Pasty – Similar to the Cornish variety, the wives of hungry Upper Peninsula mine workers made these pocket pastry meals in the 19th century.