Ohio – Food & Drink

Cleveland is the state’s true culinary hotspot. A few prominent chefs (such as Michael Symon) have taken a chance on the city, which has led to phenomenal eateries in Cleveland, such as Mexican hotspot Barrio, the high-end steakhouse Red, and the classic cocktail bar The Velvet Tango Room.

Camp Washington was founded back in 1940, and it’s the only Cincinnati chilli parlour that has a James Beard Award under its belt. Made with a closely-guarded secret recipe, it’s rich, comforting, supremely beefy, and unlike any other game in town.

Ohio is the home to many stellar breweries that make incredible beers, but Columbus Brewing Company’s Bodhi just may take the top spot. This golden IPA highlights Citra hops but is balanced in every sense of the word.

Fat Head’s started as Fat Head’s Saloon in 1992 on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side. As their popularity (and list of awards) grew, they opened Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon in North Olmstead, Ohio, in 2009. Try the Hop Juju Imperial IPA, which in 2016 won the gold medal for Imperial India Pale Ale at the World Beer Cup and the bronze at the Great American Beer Festival.

Iconic Ohio Dishes:

  • Buckeyes – Usually made around Christmas, these signature homemade Ohio sweets are downright mouth-watering to peanut butter and chocolate lovers.
  • Slyman’s corned beef sandwich– In Ohio, they have a special place in their hearts for a delicious corned beef sandwich—and Slyman’s Restaurant fills that void beautifully. This downtown Cleveland eatery is home to what is arguably the best corned beef you can find in Ohio.
  • Skyline Chili – What do you get when you combine spaghetti, chilli and shredded cheddar cheese on one plate? If the concoction includes flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate, then you get the Cincinnati food favourite known as 3-Way Chili or Skyline Chili.